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The World's Most Visited Countries

Friends, According to the report declared by the World Tourism Organization, Every year millions of people visit World Famous country like as France, Spain, United Staes and China. In this post we are maintained World Most Visited Countries list.

France - 89 million visitors

According to the data updates by WTO, France more than 89 Million Visitors came to France to see some World-popular attractions like as Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, Versailles and The Arc de Triomphe. France leads the world in the field of Tourism. Many of the Popular Attractions are located in the capital city of France, Paris. If you are planning to spend their vacation in France then don’t miss to see most famous place in France such as Alpine Mountains, Beaches, Picturesque French Village, Parks, Ski Resorts, etc.

Spain - 83 million visitors

Spain is a Major Industry on Tourism; In Spain 11% of National GDP is contributed by the Travel and Tourism Sector. This country has almost 15 national Parks, Bustling nightlife and well developed winter tourism facilities. About 13 Cities of Spanish are also considers as UNESCO World Heritage Cities, attracting foreign visitors with its unique charm and sense.

job-img Check: Top 5 Travel Company United States - 80 million visitors

The United States, America is a 3rd number tourist country. As the report of WTO In 2019 the number of 80 Million Visitors comes to United States. This country serving a hug number of attraction to global travellers. Every year Millions of people are visit US most famous cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. A large number of Natural Attractions have in this country like Grand Canyon, Hawaiian Beaches, Yellowstone National Park, The Alaskan Subarctic Wonders, and more.

China - 63 million visitors

Every year number of 63 Million Tourist is visit the china. This country has world famous tourist place The Great Wall of China. China has world most coveted tourist destinations in the world like Five Sacred Mountains the Huangguoshu Waterfall, The Three Gorges, The Shaolin Temple, and The Forbidden City and other natural and historically famous cities. As the report of World Trade Organization in 2020 China will rank No.1 Worldwide tourism sector.

job-img Mexico - 41 million visitors

Mexico is a one of the world best vacation destination with over 41 Million foreign visitors a year. A list of the most famous tourist attraction in the Mexico is given here. If you are planning to spent their vacation time in Mexico then don’t miss to visit this most popular places. Maxico is a famous for some world popular Tourist places like Monte Alban, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Great Pyramid of Cholula, El Malecon, Uxmal, Zipolite , El Arco, Palenque, Copper Canyon, Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, etc.