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A ____ is an emulation of a physical machine.

Q: A ____ is an emulation of a physical machine.


Q: A ____ is a virtual machine that mimics a real machine.

  • BIOS
  • virtual machine
  • driver

Explanation: An emulation of a real machine is referred to as a virtual machine (VM for short). Virtual machines are software-based representations of actual computers that, like their physical counterparts, are capable of running an operating system and applications. Virtual machines may be created from physical computers. The use of virtualization software to build and manage these machines is what makes it possible for several virtual computers to coexist on a single physical server.

The concept of virtualization makes it possible for users to run numerous operating systems on a single physical computer. This provides users with flexibility, efficiency in the use of resources, and separation between the many computing environments. Server virtualization, software development and testing, and cloud computing are just few of the many applications that make extensive use of virtual machines.

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