Project Management Answers

A project manager has identified a number of tasks in an upcoming project with dependencies. Most of the dependencies are finish to finish. What situation is this dependency describing?

Q: A project manager writes a risk management plan. Currently they are working on an introduction to the conditions of the project and an outline of the potential risks. What is the name of this section in the risk management plan?


Q: Writers of risk management plans are project managers. They are now working on an overview of the possible dangers and an introduction to the project’s conditions. What is the risk management plan’s name for this particular section?

  • Appendix
  • Executive summary
  • Risk register
  • Header

Explanation: By providing a succinct review of the important parts of the risk management plan, the executive summary provides stakeholders with a high-level awareness of the risk landscape of the project as well as the strategies that are in place to handle those risks.

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