Project Management Answers

As a project manager processing data, you avoid understanding ambiguous data as either positive or negative. This tactic helps avoid which data bias?

Q: As a project manager analyzing data, you review, transform, and organize the data you’ve collected. Then, you create graphs with the data to identify patterns and draw conclusions. Which data analysis best practice does this represent?


Q: When evaluating data as a project manager, you examine, modify, and arrange the information you have gathered. After that, you use the data to make graphs to find trends and make inferences. Which best practice for data analysis does this represent?

  • Ask
  • Process
  • Prepare
  • Analyze

Explanation: In this case, the best practice for data visualization is shown. This is a useful method of graphically communicating ideas since it involves analyzing, converting, and organizing data to make graphs to see patterns and generate conclusions. A better comprehension of complicated information may be achieved via the use of data visualization, which makes it simpler for stakeholders to comprehend significant discoveries and patterns in a project.

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