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Demand gen campaigns should be carried out…

Q: Demand gen campaigns should be carried out…


Q: It is advisable to run demand generation campaigns.

  • Before lead gen campaigns
  • After lead gen campaigns

Explanation: The purpose of demand generation campaigns is to raise prospective consumers’ knowledge of a product or service, as well as their interest in it and their desire to purchase it. It is common practice for these campaigns to make use of content marketing, social media interaction, and other brand-building efforts to accomplish their goals of generating interest and educating potential customers about the advantages of a product or service. Before beginning lead generation initiatives, companies may lay a foundation of awareness and interest among their target audience by first executing demand generation campaigns. This makes it much simpler for businesses to collect leads via future lead-generation campaigns. Lead generation efforts then make use of this preexisting interest to increase the number of leads captured and to send prospects farther down the sales funnel. Therefore, to establish an audience that is receptive to lead capture efforts, it is often more successful to conduct demand generation initiatives before lead generation operations.

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