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In UX design, what makes a product equitable?

Q: In UX design, what makes a product equitable?


Q: What constitutes an egalitarian product in UX design?

  • The design is designed to function the same for everyone.
  • The product’s design, structure, and purpose are clear to everyone.
  • The designs are useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities and backgrounds.
  • The design is difficult to learn at first, but easy to understand as time goes on.

Explanation: In the context of user experience design (UX design), a product is said to be equitable if it was developed to cater to a wide range of users who differ in terms of their skills, experiences, and requirements. Regarding user experience design, equitability refers to ensuring that all users, regardless of how they vary, have equal access to the product and reap the same benefits from using it.

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