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In UX design, what makes a product usable?

Q: In UX design, what makes a product usable?


Q: What constitutes a viable product in UX design?

  • The design is beautiful to the intended audience.
  • The design, structure, and purpose of the product are clear to everyone.
  • The design is designed to function the same for everyone.
  • The design is difficult to learn at first, but easy to understand as time goes on.

Explanation: In UX design, a product is considered usable when it effectively and efficiently allows users to achieve their goals satisfyingly and enjoyably. Usability is an essential component of user experience design, and it is far more probable that people would embrace, continue to use, and suggest a product that is easy to use. Testing the product’s usability regularly and including feedback loops in the process helps designers detect and fix usability concerns, which leads to continual product improvement.

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