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The Insight Tag is a prerequisite for Website Retargeting.

Q: The Insight Tag is a prerequisite for Website Retargeting.


Q: For Website Retargeting to work, the Insight Tag must be present.

  • TRUE

Explanation: The LinkedIn Insight Tag is indeed required to engage in Website Retargeting on the LinkedIn advertising platform. A piece of code known as the Insight Tag is something that you upload to your website to make it possible for LinkedIn to gather information about the activities that visitors to your site do. It delivers insights into the demographics and habits of your website users, as well as measures conversions, optimizes ad distribution, and optimizes ad delivery.

Before you can utilize LinkedIn’s Website Retargeting feature, you will first need to install the Insight Tag on your current website. Following the successful implementation of the tag, you will be able to construct retargeting audiences that are based on the activities and interactions of users on your website. This will enable you to display targeted advertisements to those who have visited certain pages or performed particular actions on your website.

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