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What are the benefits of targeting broadly? Select all that apply.

Q: What are the benefits of targeting broadly? Select all that apply.


Q: What are the advantages of addressing a much wider audience? Check all the boxes that apply.

  • Reaching buyers of various seniority levels
  • Reaching buyers across all functions of the buying committee
  • None of these
  • Reaching both in-market and out-of-market buyers

Explanation: Through the use of broad targeting, it is possible to communicate with people who are at varying degrees of seniority within a company. This may be advantageous for initiatives that want to interact with a varied audience, ranging from workers at entry-level positions to decision-makers. Broad targeting enhances the possibility of reaching persons within a purchasing committee who are responsible for a variety of responsibilities.

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketing, where several stakeholders from various departments may be engaged in the decision-making process, this is an extremely useful feature. A broad targeting strategy may help capture both in-market consumers who are actively seeking solutions and out-of-market buyers who are not now in the mentality of making a purchase. Building brand recognition and contacting prospective clients at various points of the customer journey may both benefit from this flexibility, which can be advantageous.

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