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What details does a communication plan include? Select all that apply.

Q: What details does a communication plan include? Select all that apply.


Q: What specifics are included in a communication plan? Choose every option that pertains.

  • Who should communicate
  • When communication happens
  • What to communicate
  • How communications should sound

Explanation: When it comes to the communication process, identifying the main stakeholders and defining their responsibilities is essential. Included in this is the identification of the individuals who will be accountable for the delivery of messages, the receipt of comments, and the guarantee that the necessary information is sent to the proper individuals. Establishing a timetable for communication efforts, which should include announcements of milestones, frequent updates, and any other events that are pertinent to the situation. The timely dissemination of information and the adherence to project timeframes are both ensured by this measure. The process of defining the content and scope of the communications that are going to be broadcast. This involves determining the most important facts about the project, providing updates on its progress, identifying risks and difficulties, and identifying any other elements that are essential for stakeholders to be aware of.

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