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What does the summary section of a post-mortem cover?

Q: What does the summary section of a post-mortem cover?


Q: What topics does a post-mortem’s summary section cover?

  • Description of the incident, how long it lasted, the impact of the incident, and how it was fixed.
  • list of specific actions that should be taken to avoid the same scenario from happening again.
  • Opening catchphrase and witty remarks to introduce the topic
  • Description of the incident

Explanation: The summary portion of a post-mortem provides a condensed account of the occurrence, its effects, as well as the primary findings and suggestions that were generated from the investigation. Stakeholders get a high-level overview of the occurrence as well as the following measures that were done or recommended as a result of it. The objective of the section under “Summary” is to condense the intricate particulars of the post-mortem into an easily consumable style. This will allow stakeholders to acquire an understanding of the crucial facts about the event as well as the organization’s reaction and development plan in a short amount of time.

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