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What is a specialist UX designer?

Q: What is a specialist UX designer?


Q: What is a UX designer specialist?

  • A designer who maintains a wide breadth of knowledge and responsibilities.
  • A designer with a deep understanding of a particular UX design role such as visual, interaction, or motion design.
  • A designer who specializes in one kind of UX design and has a breadth of knowledge in other areas.
  • A designer who has a deep understanding of one kind of UX design and lacks knowledge in other areas

Explanation: A user experience (UX) designer is considered to be a specialist if they concentrate their efforts on one particular subfield or element of user experience (UX) design and amass extensive knowledge in that particular field. In contrast to a generalist or T-shaped user experience designer, who has a wide range of talents across a variety of user experience disciplines, a specialist narrows their focus to excel in a particular field of user experience.

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