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What is one type of built-in protocol mechanism?

Q: What is one type of built-in protocol mechanism?


Q: Which kind of internal protocol mechanism is there?

  • Error detection
  • Time to Live (TTL) expiration
  • IPv6
  • Misconfiguration error

Explanation: The term “Checksum” refers to one kind of built-in protocol mechanism. A checksum is a value generated to confirm that data has not been altered while it is being sent. To identify faults in the data that is being delivered, it is often employed in network protocols. The system that is transmitting the data computes a checksum based on the data that is being transmitted, and the system that is receiving the data may use the checksum to check for mistakes in the data that it has received. If the checksum that was computed doesn’t match the checksum that was received, this indicates a possibility of a mistake, and the data may need to be resent. Checksums are a crucial component of many communication protocols for ensuring that data is kept in its original state.

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