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What is required to pay by Insertion Order?

Q: What is required to pay by Insertion Order?


Q: What does an Insertion Order payment require?

  • You have a LinkedIn ad representative
  • A credit card
  • A minimum spend of $50,000

Explanation: Policies and standards about advertising on LinkedIn may be subject to change over time. On the other hand, to pay for your LinkedIn ad via an insertion order, you will normally need to collaborate with a LinkedIn ad specialist. The advertiser and LinkedIn enter into a formal agreement known as an insertion order, which outlines the specifics of the advertising campaign. These elements include ad locations, targeting choices, budget, and payment conditions.

Larger advertising campaigns often make use of insertion orders, which allow marketers to negotiate terms directly with LinkedIn’s sales staff. Alternatively, when it comes to smaller self-serve advertising on sites such as LinkedIn, the most typical means of payment is via the use of a credit card.

Because the precise criteria, such as the participation of an advertising professional or any minimum expenditure, may differ from one another, it is advised that you examine LinkedIn’s current advertising rules or get in touch with their assistant to get the most correct and up-to-date information about these needs.

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