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What is the last step in booting a computer?

Q: What is the last step in booting a computer?


Q: What comes next when a computer boots up?

  • Execute the bootloader.
  • Load up drivers.
  • Perform a POST.
  • User space is launched.

Explanation: The loading of the operating system is often the last stage in the process of a computer starting up or booting up. Following the completion of the first hardware checks and the execution of the system BIOS or UEFI firmware, control of the computer is transferred to the operating system loader. This component is accountable for loading the operating system into the random access memory (RAM) of the computer.

When the operating system has been successfully loaded into memory, the system is then prepared for the user to communicate with the computer. Depending on how the system has been configured, the operating system will either provide the user with a user interface or a command prompt once it has taken control of the system and initialized the different system components.

The first firmware and hardware checks are followed by the transition to the loading and execution of the operating system, which prepares the machine for interaction with the user. This is the last stage in the booting process.

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