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What is the purpose of an ARP response?

Q: What is the purpose of an ARP response?


Q: What does an ARP response serve to accomplish?

  • To improve authentication security
  • To prevent a flood of UDP packets
  • To let a broadcasting node know what is the MAC address to put into the destination hardware address field
  • To send an ACK message to the broadcasting computer

Explanation: The aim of an ARP response, which stands for Address Resolution Protocol, is to provide a broadcasting node with the information necessary to determine the Media Access Control (MAC) address that is associated with a particular Internet Protocol (IP) address. For a device to interact with another device that is inside the same network, the device must be aware of the MAC address of the device that it is trying to communicate with. The ARP response gives this information by mapping the IP address to the associated MAC address. This enables the device that is requesting to properly fill the destination hardware address field in its network frame and establish communication with the device that is the target of the request.

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