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What is the purpose of quality assurance in quality management?

Q: What is the purpose of quality assurance in quality management?


Q: What does quality assurance serve as in terms of quality management?

  • To evaluate and measure how well your project meets its goals
  • To ensure quality standards are maintained when a problem is identified
  • To determine quality standards for your project
  • To decrease overhead

Explanation: The term “quality assurance” (QA) refers to the systematic processes, procedures, and activities that are conducted inside a project to guarantee that the predetermined quality standards are adhered to throughout the whole of the project lifetime. The purpose of this project is to detect and fix any problems or deviations from the quality standards, with the end goal of guaranteeing that the finished product or service satisfies the objectives and expectations that were set.

The major emphasis of quality assurance is on avoiding, detecting, and addressing errors related to quality standards throughout the execution of a project. There is a component of quality management that involves analyzing and quantifying the degree to which a project is successful in meeting its objectives. Rather than just responding to issues as they occur, it is important to take preventative measures to manage and sustain quality consistently.

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