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What was the name of the earliest version of the Internet?

Q: What was the name of the earliest version of the Internet?


Q: What was the name of the first Internet version?

  • World Wide Web
  • TCP/IP Network
  • NAT

Explanation: The acronym ARPANET stands for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which was the first name given to the Internet. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense was responsible for the development of the first network to incorporate the concepts of packet switching. This network was known as ARPANET. The network went live in 1969 and is credited with laying the foundation for the current-day internet.

ARPANET was conceived as a system that would make it easier for government agencies and research institutes to communicate with one another and share resources. It was vital in the creation of the Internet Protocol (IP) and the transfer to the TCP/IP protocol suite, which is the foundation of the modern Internet. This was accomplished by playing an important part in both of these processes.

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