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Which of the following best describes email segmentation?

Q: Which of the following best describes email segmentation?


Q: Which of the following sums up email segmentation the best?

  • Dividing email lists into small groups based on criteria¬†
  • Combining email lists to save money on the email marketing platform
  • Combining email lists for better organization
  • Dividing email lists into equal groups to more efficient email sends

Explanation: The technique of splitting an email list into smaller, more focused parts based on certain criteria is referred to as email segmentation. The goal is to provide more tailored and relevant communication by tailoring the content of emails to the various categories of receivers via the use of this technique. This may be determined by a variety of parameters, including demographics, buying history, engagement level, or any other component that contributes to the categorization of the audience. To increase the chance of engagement and conversion among the various categories of your audience, the purpose of email segmentation is to offer communications that are more focused and effective.

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