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Why is human oversight critical when using AI in the workplace? Select three answers.

Q: Why is human oversight critical when using AI in the workplace? Select three answers.


Q: Why is human supervision so important while using AI at work? Choose three responses.

  • It ensures AI is used responsibly and ethically.
  • It eliminates the challenges of using AI at work.
  • It improves the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content.
  • It provides diverse perspectives that can lead to effective AI implementations.

Explanation: Humans can examine the content or choices made by artificial intelligence to guarantee that they comply with ethical standards and legal requirements. The implementation of this supervision helps to avoid the spread of material that is biased or unsuitable, and it also guarantees that artificial intelligence systems are utilized in a way that respects the rights of individuals and the norms of society. Because human supervision brings a wide range of viewpoints and areas of knowledge to the table, it has the potential to contribute to more efficient deployments of artificial intelligence.

Identifying possible biases, limits, or unintended repercussions of artificial intelligence systems and providing ideas on how to reduce these concerns are all things that humans are capable of doing. As a further benefit, the participation of a wide range of stakeholders in the monitoring process may result in AI solutions that are more inclusive and egalitarian. Human monitoring is required to guarantee that the output is accurate, relevant, and of high quality, even though AI technologies may automate some operations and efficiently create material. The material that is created by AI can be reviewed by humans, mistakes can be corrected, and tweaks can be made to increase its efficacy.

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