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A social media post is an example of structured data.

Q: A social media post is an example of structured data.


Q: An instance of structured data is a post on social networking.

  •        True
  •        False

Explanation: Unstructured data is frequently represented by a social media post, an example of this kind of data. The data that is considered to be unstructured does not possess a data model that has been pre-defined and needs to be arranged in a manner that is readily understandable by computers.

Posts on social media platforms often consist of various components, including text, photographs, videos, emoticons, and other features. Even though the post may have some aspects of structure, such as a date, a username, and text, the format as a whole is somewhat flexible and needs to be arranged in a tabular or highly structured fashion.

On the other hand, structured data is arranged in a particular manner, such as tables in a relational database or rows and columns in a spreadsheet. This kind of data is differentiated from unstructured data. Examples of structured data include spreadsheets, databases, and CSV files, among other data types.

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