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Define a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).

Q: Define a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).


Q: What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

  • The estimated customer base available
  • A sales person who identifies leads
  • The number of contacts received through forms
  • A person who is more likely to become a customer

Explanation: A Marketing Qualified Lead, also known as an MQL, is a prospect that has shown a greater degree of interest in the goods or services offered by a business as a result of the marketing efforts that the firm has undertaken. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a person or organization that has participated in a marketing campaign, such as downloading a whitepaper, attending a webinar, or signing up for a newsletter. Because they have shown actions or qualities that indicate they are more likely to become customers in comparison to other leads, they are considered superior. MQLs are in most cases transferred from the marketing team to the sales team to undergo further nurturing and conversion into clients.

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