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How does LinkedIn define ‘mental availability’?

Q: How does LinkedIn define ‘mental availability’?


Q: In what way is “mental availability” defined by LinkedIn?

  • The likelihood that a customer will think of your brand in a buying scenario
  • The amount of space someone has to dedicate to a topic
  • The degree to which someone is paying attention to your brand
  • The time someone dedicates to learning about your brand

Explanation: While a customer is contemplating making a purchase, the term “mental availability” refers to the likelihood that a certain brand will come to their mind. In other words, it is a measurement of how effectively a brand is positioned in the memory of the customer and the possibility that the brand would be chosen when the need for a certain product or service arises. It is common practice to correlate this term with brand awareness and the degree to which a brand is present in the consciousness of a customer throughout the process of decision-making.

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