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Nominal qualitative data has a set order or scale.

Q: Nominal qualitative data has a set order or scale.


Q: There is a fixed order or scale for nominal qualitative data.

  •         True
  •         False 

Explanation: In point of fact, nominal qualitative data does not have a predetermined or predetermined scale. There is a form of categorical data known as nominal data. In nominal data, the categories reflect different groups or labels, but these categories do not have any intrinsic order or ranking.

For instance, various colors (such as red, blue, and green) or categories of fruit (such as apple, orange, and banana) are examples of nominal data. There is no logical order or scale among these categories; on the contrary, they are only different names.

Ordinal data, on the other hand, is a sort of categorical data in which the categories are arranged in a meaningful order or ranking. As an example of ordinal data, consider a survey question that allows respondents to choose their answer from the following options: “strongly disagree,” “disagree,”neutral,” “agree,” and “strongly agree.” In this particular instance, the categories are arranged logically.

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