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Which of these is a characteristic of Trojan malware?

Q: Which of these is a characteristic of Trojan malware?


Q: Which of these describes a Trojan malware characteristic?

  • A Trojan infection needs to be installed by the user. 
  • A Trojan may get installed without the user’s consent.
  • A Trojan is the same thing as a rootkit.
  • A Trojan is basically backdoor malware.

Explanation: One of the characteristics of Trojan malware is that it makes an attempt to deceive people into downloading it by disguising itself as something that is either genuine or harmless. Once installed, Trojans may execute dangerous operations without the user’s awareness, such as stealing data, allowing illegal access, or building backdoors for other malware. Trojans sometimes arrive disguised as beneficial software, games, or files. However, once they are installed, they can do these activities anonymously.

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