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What is a Carousel Ad?

Q: What is a Carousel Ad?


Q: A Carousel Ad: What Is It?

  • An ad format that creates an interactive story with swipeable series of cards in the LinkedIn feed
  • An ad format that consists of a headline, brief text, and an optional image and appears on the right rail on the desktop
  • An ad format that allows you to promote your message directly in the LinkedIn feed

Explanation: A carousel ad is a kind of advertisement that generates an interactive narrative by displaying a sequence of cards in the LinkedIn feed that can be swiped through. Within the carousel, each card has the potential to have its picture, headline, and description. A single ad unit may include many pieces of information, and users can see these cards by swiping across them. The purpose of this format is to provide a more dynamic and immersive narrative experience right inside the LinkedIn platform, intending to engage viewers.

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