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What is an example of rehosting an application?

Q: What is an example of rehosting an application?


Q: How would one go about rehosting an application?

  • Before moving an application to the cloud, the application is rewritten in a new programing language.
  • During a migration, older applications are discovered. They are no longer needed and can be turned off.
  • A containerized application can be moved from on-premises to the cloud without making any changes.
  • All on-premises applications and resources can be easily moved to the cloud except for the load balancers. The existing load balancers are replaced by Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) load balancers. 

Explanation: In the process of rehosting an application, the program is moved from one environment to another without any substantial modifications being made to its actual design. To put it another way, it is the same as taking the application and transferring it to a different hosting environment. An example of this would be moving a conventional application that is hosted on-premises to a cloud architecture such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. A significant portion of the program has not been altered; nevertheless, it is now operating in a new hosting environment, which allows it to take use of cloud features such as scalability and flexibility.

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