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What is lead scoring?

Q: What is lead scoring?


Q: Lead scoring: what is it?

  • It’s the amount of money you spend on a lead
  • It’s how customers value the relevance of your ads
  • It’s a way of ranking leads to determine their sales readiness

Explanation: Lead scoring is a method of rating leads to assess whether or not they are ready to proceed with sales. The process entails awarding scores to leads based on a variety of variables, including the leads’ interaction with marketing material, their demographic information, and their behavior, both online and offline. The objective of lead scoring is to prioritize and discover leads that have a higher probability of converting into customers than other applicants. Through the process of assigning scores to leads, sales and marketing teams can concentrate their attention on the prospects that have the most potential, thus boosting the overall efficiency of the sales process. It is possible to differentiate between leads that are suitable for immediate sales interaction and those that may need more nurturing via the use of lead scoring.

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