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What is the 95-5 rule?

Q: What is the 95-5 rule?


Q: What does 95-5 rule mean?

  • 95% of buyers are in market at any given time
  • 95% of buyers are out-of-market at any given time
  • 95% of marketers are driving brand awareness
  • 95% of brands have a brand strategy

Explanation: The term “95-5 rule” relates to the idea that at any one moment, 95% of buyers are not actively participating in the market. This rule underlines the significance of targeting and reaching the appropriate audience with marketing efforts. This is because the majority of people may not be actively searching to make a purchase or connect with a brand at a certain point in time. Consequently, rather than attempting to appeal to the whole population without discrimination, companies should concentrate their efforts on efficiently reaching and interacting with the tiny fraction of persons who are already in the market for their goods or services.

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