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What modulation type is used for computer networks?

Q: What modulation type is used for computer networks?


Q: In what kind of modulation are computer networks based?


  • Line coding
  • Line crimping
  • Simplex communication
  • RJ45

Explanation: In contrast to analog communication systems, modulation does not play the same role in computer networks as it does in the conventional sense. In its place, digital data is often delivered via the use of a variety of encoding and modulation methods. In computer networks, particularly wired Ethernet networks, the modulation method known as Manchester encoding is the one that is utilized the most often.

The Manchester encoding technique is a kind of digital encoding in which each bit is represented by a change in voltage level that takes place during a bit period. This facilitates clock recovery and guarantees a balanced number of transitions, which makes it simpler for the receiver to synchronize with the data that is being received.

Commonly used modulation algorithms for wireless computer networks include Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). Modulating the amplitude and phase of the carrier signal in QAM accomplishes the transmission of multiple bits in each symbol. This is done.

Therefore, even though conventional modulation is not a word that is often associated with computer networks, a wide variety of encoding and modulation strategies are used to ensure the reliable transmission of digital data.

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