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What’s a router?

Q: What’s a router?


Q: A router: what is it?

  • A physical layer device that prevents crosstalk
  • A device that knows how to forward data between independent networks.
  • A physical layer device that allows connections for many computers at once
  • A more advanced version of a switch

Explanation: A networking device known as a router is used to link two or more separate networks together. It functions on what the OSI model refers to as Layer 3, which is the Network layer. Data packets are sent from one network to another via routers, which are also responsible for finding the most efficient route for the data to take and for making choices based on logical addressing, such as IP addresses. They are very important in the process of guiding the flow of data traffic on both the Internet and local networks. A local network may be connected to the internet via the use of routers, which then makes it possible for devices on the local network to interact with devices on other networks.

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