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What are the types of paid media admins? Select three.

Q: What are the types of paid media admins? Select three.


Q: Which kinds of paid media administrators exist? Choose three.

  • Sponsored Content poster
  • Demand Gen manager
  • Lead Gen Forms manager
  • Landing Pages manager
  • Page admin

Explanation: Demand generation methods, which often entail paid advertising to generate interest and demand for a product or service, are the responsibility of the person, who is responsible for overseeing and executing these initiatives. The primary responsibility of this administrator is to oversee the management of lead-generating forms. These forms are often used in advertising efforts to gather information from prospective clients, such as their names and address information. Managing and supervising the content and activity on a social media page, which may include paid advertising campaigns on sites like as Facebook, falls within the purview of this web administrator.

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