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What should you do if you’re seeing high engagement rates but low conversion? Select all that apply.

Q: What should you do if you’re seeing high engagement rates but low conversion? Select all that apply.


Q: If your conversion rates are low but your engagement rates are high, what should you do? Choose every option that pertains.

  • Test Lead Gen Forms
  • Review the landing page
  • Ensure you have a clear call to action on the creative
  • Review campaign demographics

Explanation: The testing of several types of your lead-generating forms may assist in identifying any possible problems or areas of friction that may be preventing conversions from occurring with your website. To provide the best possible user experience, you should experiment with the length of the form, the fields, and the overall design. When it comes to the process of conversion, the landing page is an essential component. Make sure that the landing page is relevant to the advertisement, that it offers helpful information, and that it contains a call to action that is both clear and persuasive. To prevent visitors from leaving the landing page without converting, it is important to address any possible problems that may be present on the page.

In addition to ensuring that your advertising creatives (pictures, writing, and headlines) effectively convey the value proposition, you need also to ensure that they have a compelling call to action. One possible explanation for why consumers are interacting with the advertisement but not performing the necessary action is because there is a lack of clarity or motivation. In your campaign, you should analyze the demographics and targeting characteristics. Ensure that you are connecting with the appropriate audience for the offer you are making. If there is a high level of interaction but a low level of conversion, this may be an indication that the audience needs more refining.

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