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Which targeting attributes are inferred?

Q: Which targeting attributes are inferred?


Q: What are the inferred targeting attributes?

  • Job Experience
  • Company
  • Education
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Language
  • Interests and Traits

Explanation: LinkedIn may infer work-related interests and preferences based on the user’s interactions, group memberships, and content engagement. This is in addition to the fact that users expressly indicate their job titles and experience on their profiles. By evaluating a user’s interaction with material, connections with workers from certain firms, and other behaviors linked to companies, LinkedIn can deduce the user’s interests and preferences about the company.

Even though a user has not explicitly supplied comprehensive education information, inferred education targeting entails examining the user’s behavior, connections, and engagement patterns to get an understanding of the user’s educational interests and preferences. Based on the information that users submit, their online activity, and the trends that are seen on the network, LinkedIn may be able to deduce demographic targeting, such as age and gender.

By analyzing the language of the information that a user interacts with, the languages that they use in their profile, and other language-related behaviors, LinkedIn may be able to deduce the user’s preferred language. By analyzing a user’s interaction with information, the groups they join, and other activities they participate in online, it is possible to infer the user’s professional interests, abilities, and characteristics.


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